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Image by Florian Olivo

1. Noise Reduction |  2. Entrance Evaluation​ | 3. Finding Florida Man | 4. Vigenere Cipher


Noise Reduction

There are exhibits with an equal number of animals. Animals only antagonize animals in exhibits within 2 exhibits of them. Animals that are antagonized generate noise. To reduce stress for the animals and pain for guests, this program attempts to find an animal order that has the least decibels sound.


Finding Florida Man

An exploration of the exciting variety of news headlines in the Florida Man using Python web scraping. The HTML content was scraped using Selenium and Beautiful Soup.


Entrance Evaluation

A program that analyzes the stored data of the park in a strange order by sorting it using a heap sort algorithm. There are 2 ticket counters in the park, left and right, at which groups can purchase tickets. Groups arriving will always enter the line with the fewest people. This way it helps the park to complete all ticket transactions in the fastest way possible using Circular Linked List and Queue (FIFO Data Structure).


Vigenere Cipher

This program encrypts the alphabetic letters in a file using the Vigènere cipher. The program takes two command line parameters containing the names of the file storing the encryption key and the plaintext file to be encrypted.

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